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Air Dunnage Bag

Ushio Quick Pak

We distribute air dunnage bags produced by Ushio Co., Ltd. Japan. Quick Pak is the leading brand used in preventing cargo collapse during transportion in ocean shipment containers. We have immediate stock currently available in Singapore. Please contact us for more information.

Why Quick Pak?
1. Quality

Quick Pak is one of the leading brands used by many industries across the world. It is designed and engineered by Ushio under 100% Japanese production management and technical supervision. Quick Pak meets the highest engineering specifications in the market.  

2. Efficiency

With Ushio's specialised air blown gun, each bag can be swiftly inflated within 10-30 seconds. It only requires one person to operate, making the bag simple, convenient, and safe to use without needing complicated technical skills.

3. Safety

Quick Pak uses strong materials and allows for easy handling. It is thin, light-weight, and designed to shape itself around the cargo undergoing transportation, avoiding any possible damages to it.

4. Eco Friendly

Quick Pak allows air to be filled into the cargo space in place of traditional packing and cushioning materials which greatly reduces solid waste generation. Made of environmentally friendly materials, Quick Pak is also compliant with the EU RoHS and its amendments directives.

Product Specification

Additional Information

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